How is your Website Performing? Your Monthly Checklist

You should review your website on a monthly basis to make sure it is performing at a high level. Below is a quick checklist to help you review your website's performance.

  1. Clear Message Does your website clearly define what you want to get across to people who visit your site?

  2. Clean & Attractive Design Does your website design represent you the way you want? The design of your site is the first impression you make on your visitors and potential customers.

  3. Content, Content, Content Is your content easy to read and up to date? Make sure your content is well laid out with the use of easy to read text and images.

  4. Contact Information Is your contact information visible throughout the website? Do you have an easy form for users to fill out to get a hold of you?

  5. Strong Calls to Action Do you have strong calls to action through out the website that helps the overall user experience and helps guide users to convert (contact forms, purchasing online, signing up for newsletter, etc)?

  6. SEO How is your website ranking on search engines? Is your website and content optimized to be setup for success to show up as high as possible in search engines?

  7. Responsive How does your website look on a mobile devise or tablet? With record numbers browsing from a mobile devise, having a mobile friendly design is a must.

  8. Reliable Is your website hosted with a reliable solution? Are you experiencing any down time? Does your website load fast?

  9. Analytics Are you monitoring your website traffic? Digging deep into how specific pages and users are perforning allow you to make the necessary changes to ensure your website is performing at a high level.

  10. Testimonials Do you have testimonials visible for users to see? Testimonials help people trust your brand and help turn prospects into customers.

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